Our porters are from the Andean communities of Cusco and Sacred Valley, with whom we also develop different trainings, and social projects with their communities, in the preservation of their culture, agriculture and mountain forest ecosystems. They speak Quechua as their mother tongue, and Spanish as their second language. With a lot of experience in the world of tourism, we can tell you that they are the best company you will have on your visit to the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, since they are very friendly and funny, always with a smile to brighten your day.
If you recognize the effort they make when moving your trekking equipment on the Inca trail, you can thank them with a voluntary tip, that it comes from the bottom of your heart, for these wonderful human beings, who consider themselves the descendants of our ancestors, the Incas.


We are a travel agency that demonstrate social work with them, we endow them with the proper attire for treks that our company operates.
Our porters have one of the best working conditions, do not carry more than 20 kilograms, feeding is the same as our passengers, and most importantly the working environment is very great. Andean Path Trek each year gives them the bearers of:
1 pair of shoes
2 pairs of poles
1 rain jacket
1 polar jacket
1 mesh sun
1 hat for the cold
1 daffor to carry equipment
1 pair of pants trekking


Andean Path Trek is totally against the abuses that other tour operators affect their porters, many of them forcing them to carry luggage of up to 40 kg, which according to our Peruvian laws, is prohibited.
Our super porters who work with Andean Path Trek, are from the following communities:

                 Pampa Llacta

                 Quello Quello

                 Pampa Camara





                 Paru Paru




                Accha Alta and Baja

andean path trek porters
eco path trek travel staff
andean path trek staff
eco path trek porters


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